Autumn Night Routine

Autumn is (almost) here and I’m so exited!

Even tho it’s like 38’c outside,September is about to end and fall is about to come.Everything will get cozier and warm colors’ll pop out,cold weather and long sleeves..ugh as you can tell I’m very exited.

So the weather has (almost) changed as well as my night and morning routines!

My skin is so sensitive and it reacts very quickly to small changes so I have to change my routines.

First of all I’ll work out,I really got into it for the last few weeks and (knock on wood) I have the motivation and equipments for the journey.I’ve got the Kayla BBG last year but I was so busy and I barely touched it,now I’m back and I’m ready to work out!


After working out we all MUST get in to the shower! We don’t want itchy and sore acne on our back right?right!                         My favorite thing to do is to scrub my body really good with one of my Laline Body Scrubs but I need to get a fall scented one so as for now I’m using their (not luffa) luffa and my Rose Water body liquid soap,it smells so good and gives a really nice aroma to the bathroom ,just like we need!ל1


To bring myself the silky smooth skin I’m using the Laline Body Souffle in Monoi,Monoi is probably the best smell for all year around,it’s freshie but yet keeps the aroma,lovely scent!


Once in a while i’ll do a gentle face scrub with the Nivea Clean Deeper face wash,it’s a beautiful cleanser for acne prone skin,K4

For dinner I recently found the Quaker Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal..guys..this thing with vanilla soy milk is THE BEST DINNER EVER.


After dinner I’ll probably get my school stuffs (and brush my teeth oc) done or catch on my Snapchat\Instagram (Hannymagor both if you didn’t know).BTW,how’s your school time up to date? mine is pretty nice for now 🙂


Long day is behind us and all I really want to do is cuddle up with myself and get some youtube\blog work done and have a nice cozy time for me,myself and I. (forever alone person privilege)

k7 k8 know what is the most important equipment for the coziest night? FAIRY LIGHTS!IMG_6847 IMG_6850Have a good night sleep everyone and don’t forget to have your cozy night at least once a week!

Full of love,

Hanny xo.


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