Things I wish I knew as a freshman

Ok,so I now “back to school” season is kind of over and the holidays are coming soon but I had to share with you,lovely readers,some things I wish i knew as a freshman in high school.

If you are a freshman,first of all congrats! It’s a new chapter in your life so just make the best of it! Don’t make every moment to your worst nightmare,it’ll be alright.IMG_2226

-Make new friends with people you actually want to be with,don’t try to stick to the rich or “popular” kids…I’ve tried to do it and only after a long long time I finally relized that they are not my friends and I don’t have fun with them. It doesn’t matter if your bf is rich,poor,black or long as you will have fun with them…you won’t need anybody else.

-Be yourself,don’t try to fake it or even worse..don’t you EVER stop yourself from doing WHATEVER you like. That’s your life with your options and others don’t need to stick their noses in your personal life!

IMG_2343-Love yourself,your’e beautiful..I’m beautiful..all human beings are beautiful..don’t let someone with bad childhood or someone who’s trying to be “the man” ruin it. Face it,your skin is beautiful,your curves are beautiful,your nose\hips\hight\weight..they’re all beautiful.

-Do your homework! I know it’s hard and stressful but trust will thank them later.k6

-Don’t be afraid to talk with someone,your’e nor alone and if you feel like something is wrong don’t be afraid to talk with an adult,with a friend.=,teacher,mom or even with me!

Ok guys so it was the deep side of me I know.i just want to make sure that you won’t do and make my mistakes.You’re beautiful and amazing human beings..

Tons of love,

Hanny Xo.


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