fashion and beauty haul

Hey everyone how are you? I know i haven’t posted a  blog post for the longest time but i’m going through though time and I basically needed i space for few days..ANYWAS I don’t want to make this post a deep and sad one so let’s hop into the haul!

I love shopping! Especially whenever i feel stressed ( and also i’m going to have a photoshoot soon so I wanted a nice wardrobe lol).

American Eagle:

So I LOVE american eagle aerie section SO MUCH,everything is so cute and i just want to walk in bra and undies all day,everyday.As I said i’m going to have a photoshoot soon and i want a nice lingerie there so i won’t look like a 90 yo woman (idk lol) and ALSO I believe that every woman should and need to change her ‘bra\undies’ routine at least once in few months.IMG_7251IMG_7252IMG_7253IMG_7256 IMG_7258H&M:

I love H&M,they’re so affordable and trendy and my first name and last name is the same (Hanny Magor -H&M got it..? lol).I really like basic things and stripes so basically i’m mainstream af but..who cares? It’s still hot in my country ( god knows why) so I was looking for something thin and summery but with that winter hint in it. I think that the stripes top is my favorite top in my wardrobe,it is the perfect autumn clothing piece and it just screams tumblr to me..(berry lips and boxer’s braids??) The long top is a HUGE yes to me cus i’m a really cheesy person and i love the “hipster” vibe into clothing. ‘No hard feeling’,girl i got you!

IMG_7261 IMG_7260


I’m a makeup lover if you didn’t know and i always want to learn new makeup things. Recently i really got into the false lashes things and especially lash extensions. I love beautycare cus they’re so freaking affordable and they’re really up to date every time I go in there. So i wanted to try their lashes and lashes glue and i’ll update you guys soon!

IMG_7270    Ok that’s the end pf the haul! Hopefully you liked it,comment below your favorite piece from the things i’ve bought today!



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